Explore a Creative Perspective

Get a different perspective to any question or thought.

Create a Summary

Prefix your SMS message with the keyword /funny

🏁 Creative Perspective

Text the following message

/funny How can I process the emotional discomfort of Lewis Hamilton moving to Ferrari? 😭 How can I keep an open mind?

📝 How It Works

The /funny keyword informs Ayudis to think about your question or comments from a creative perspective.

Ayudis will try to match the context, question, and creative perspective and provide a brief answer.

✅ Allowed Use...

👍 explore fun and creative thoughts.

👍 entertainment and have a good time.

👍 spark a moment of joy in your day.

👍 spark a smile and positive thought.

🚫 Do Not Use For...

⚠️ inappropriate topics.

⚠️ adult content or topics.

⚠️ harmful or hurtful ideas.

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