How to Create Ai Art

Learn the easiest and fastest way to create art using Ai.

Creating Ai Art

Prefix your SMS message with the keyword /create

🏁 Creating Ai Art

Text the following message

/create hand drawing of camel in the middle of the desert.

📝 How It Works

The keyword /create informs Ayudis of your desire to create an image.

You can then proceed to describe what art you want to generate.

🤔 Show Me How...

💡 Usage

⚠️ Avoid improper use.

⚠️ Do not attempt to generate obscene art.

⚠️ Do not create harmful content.

⚠️ Do not generate adult content.

⚠️ Art copyright is still a sticky topic, art is provided only as educational content in regards to exploring ai.

⚠️ Ayudis has a smart system that will 👮 seek to prevent creating harmful content. If it detects improper use, your account may be suspended.

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