How To OFAC Sactions List

Learn how to run an OFAC search through SMS.

Running an OFAC Search

Prefix your SMS message with the keyword /ofac

🏁 OFAC Search

Text the following message

/ofac maduro

📝 How It Works

The keyword /ofac informs Ayudis to perform a search on the U.S. Sanctions List.

AyudisYou can then proceed to describe what art you want to generate.

💡 Usage

⚠️ Avoid improper use.

⚠️ Do not attempt to generate obscene art.

⚠️ Do not create harmful content.

⚠️ Do not generate adult content.

⚠️ Art copyright is still a sticky topic, art is provided only as educational content in regards to exploring ai.

⚠️ Ayudis has a smart system that will 👮 seek to prevent creating harmful content. If it detects improper use, your account may be suspended.

📝 Learn More About OFAC


OFAC administers and enforces economic sanctions programs based on US foreign policy, national security, and economic goals. These sanctions can be country-based, list-based, secondary, or sectoral. Sectoral sanctions are often used in response to actions by foreign governments and aim to change behavior by affecting specific industries. OFAC also maintains the Specially Designated Nationals and Blocker Persons List (SDN list), which includes individuals and entities that are controlled by other countries or illicit groups.


OFAC works with foreign governments to share information, coordinate sanctions efforts, and increase the effectiveness of economic sanctions.


An OFAC alert is a notification that appears on a consumer's credit report if their name matches a name on the SDN list. An OFAC red flag on a credit report could indicate identity theft or the fraudulent use of a consumer's social security number.

Good To Know

All US persons are required to comply with OFAC regulations, including US citizens, permanent resident aliens, US incorporated entities, and their foreign branches.

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